5 Ways to Improve Mobility

home care maineThe ability to age in place is a privilege that many seniors hope will continue as they advance in years. It is well known that remaining at home is the preferred choice of the vast majority of seniors, allowing them to maintain their independence and a high quality of life. For any relatively healthy senior, staying in the house where they have built their life and memories is not unreasonable. If necessary a few modifications can be made to ensure safety and functionality. When more serious physical or mental health conditions prevent a person from caring for his or herself completely, MAS, the agency for home care in Maine is able to meet an abundance of needs to help them remain at home.

Problems with mobility are not a defining factor that a loved one must enter a nursing facility, especially when caregivers are equipped with the right information and tools. It does however signify that some changes in lifestyle should be made. The ability to live alone may come to an end, but it is easier than ever to remain together as a family with home care in Maine. You might also take advantage of this time living together to help the person whose mobility has declined to maintain the function they have left, and possibly improve. This will help them to prevent injury.

5 Ways to Improve Mobility: Continue reading

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Home Care in Massachusetts: Take a Break With MA Respite Care

home care in massachusettsAre you providing home care in Massachusetts for a loved one? Taking care of a family member who cannot fully care for themselves is a job that we gladly take on knowing that they have been a great source of support for us in the past. We want to show our love and be there for them, yet it can take a toll on us physically and emotionally. As personal time dwindles and more attention is needed from the aging and ailing person, we start to neglect our own health and find the hobbies we once enjoyed being pushed to the wayside. Continue reading

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Be Prepared: Research Home Care Before a Crisis Happens

new hampshire home health careIt’s easy to say that you are going to plan ahead and consider your long term care options. It’s another thing to actually do it before the need arises. Unfortunately, for many individuals and families, a crisis arises before any planning gets done. Then they are left to scramble and put together the pieces. Waiting until something happens means that decisions are made on emotion and out of need for that very moment, rather than based on research, thought, and the best option in the long-run. Ultimately the choices come down to a nursing home, hiring a New Hampshire home health care agency, or becoming the sole caregiver. Continue reading

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8 Tips for When Mom or Dad Move In

Rhode Island Alzhimer's CareMoving out of your home and into a new one is a big transition for anyone, whether you’ve lived there four years or forty years. It can be even more emotional when the reasons have less to do with want and are for reasons of need. This can be the case when moving Mom or Dad out of their home and into yours.

Many individuals are opting for home care instead of a nursing home facility. Home care has many benefits that make it an excellent choice. If you are planning on being the caregiver of a family member or friend, it might not necessarily take place in their home, especially if they are an Alzheimer’s patient and require someone to keep a close eye on them for safety reasons. Depending on the situation, it could make more sense to move them into your house. MAS Home Care has some tips on what to expect when moving Mom or Dad into your home. Continue reading

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Dealing With the Loss of a Loved One

Coping with the loss of a loved oneThere is no doubt that no matter how prepared you think you are, losing a loved one is extremely difficult. When someone has touched your life in such a profound way, there is no way to get around the inevitable feeling of a hole forming in your heart. While you will probably never stop missing that person, fortunately the sharpness of the pain will eventually ease with time and hopefully be replaced by warm memories.

Deep sadness is a normal reaction to the passing of a loved one, but there is no right or wrong way to feel. Everyone experiences these moments in life differently. Some take a week to regain their typical emotional state, while others feel the weight of grief for much longer. It is highly personal and no one is ever able to understand the exact way you feel, because their relationship with that person was not the same as yours.  This realization can add to intense emotions. Factors that may contribute to your grieving style include your personality, life experiences, faith, and the way you cope. Continue reading

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