February 15, 2013

Long Term Care at Home

There are several options for Maine long term care. Assisted living facilities and nursing homes are certainly options where you can be sure your loved one […]
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January 11, 2013

Women Less Likely Than Men to Plan for Long Term Care

An interesting article published on BizTimes.com has highlighted a recent study which shows women are less likely than men to plan for their long term care. […]
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January 9, 2013

Assistive Devices for Daily Living

There are thousands of products on the market that can be purchased to make daily living easier for home care patients. Individuals are able to use […]
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November 9, 2012

Starting the Long-Term Care Conversation

The majority of us will need long-term care as we enter our senior years. Bringing up the topic of our health care wishes can be uncomfortable […]
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