When Sibling Rivalry Requires Family Counseling

Children's ServicesSibling relationships are like no other. One moment a young brother and sister can be playing together, getting along sweetly. Five minutes later that same brother and sister can be in a screaming match with fists flailing. There is always some turmoil as you battle for Mom’s attention. Always the suspicion that there is a “favorite child.” Even as adults, siblings do not always see eye to eye, though hopefully that shoving and name calling has stopped. If they are lucky they will learn to become good friends who understand that no one else will share the same experiences and upbringing as they did. 

Sometimes siblings have a much more difficult time working out their differences and it becomes more than typical bickering. It can even become downright dangerous when children become too spiteful. Not only are the children affected, but it can hurt the whole family. While they are fighting, trying to get the parents to pick a side, eventually one will wind up feeling resentful when the deliberation of who was “right” and who was “wrong” is given. Over time, parents become exhausted and unsure of what to do. Who wants to be playing referee all the time?

Balance in the home can be restored. MAS Home Care of Maine provides behavioral and mental health services. As part of these services, we offer child & family outpatient counseling. It is open to Maine residents who identify a need for their child or family to receive counseling for difficulties in daily life. No referral is necessary, just call MAS and ask to speak with an intake counselor. A Clinician will call you back and set up an appointment. Options for counseling are 1 hour per week, or every other week. If you feel your family could benefit, act now! Stop the turmoil and start living peacefully together.

Contact MAS Home Care of Maine today.

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