Transitioning from Hospital to Home Care

A patient being discharged from the hospital may be well enough to leave, but that does not mean he or she is capable of jumping back into caring for him/herself. The transition can be overwhelming and you may be left wondering what’s next?

Having a safe and smooth transition with continuity of quality health care is imperative. Some important things to remember to make the change more efficient are:

  • Have clear communication with hospital and home care caregivers.
  • Develop a plan and contact a home care agency before leaving the hospital if you are able to.  If you are not, contact them soon after leaving. Most home care agencies, like MAS Home Care, are on-call 24/7.
  • Have the home care specialist see the patient as soon as possible to avoid risk factors. Receiving the right treatment in the days following hospitalization or surgery is critical.

Having a respite care plan with a home care agency, like MAS Home Care, can benefit the patient in a variety of ways. Not only can the caregiver aid in medical needs, but most likely other services will be needed as well, such as: picking up medication from the pharmacy, preparing meals, and light housework.

Having continued home care after hospitalization can prevent re-hospitalization. Approximately 18% of Americans re-enter the hospital within 30 days of being discharged. A staggering 76% of these cases are preventable, according to the Center of Technology and Aging. In having home care available to you, patients are allowed to properly heal and then build up independence in their home as time progresses.

Home caregivers are able to work with patients and family members to maximize the care given to the patient. They are able to anticipate the needs the patient will face that may not have been thought of.  As professionals they can answer questions that the hospital may not have answered, or that you may not have thought to ask at the time.  Most importantly, the care is one-on-one and personalized to your unique situation.

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