Immerse Yourself in Summer Fun!

home health care new hampshireWhat better time to think about some fun summer activities you and your loved ones can do than the week of the 4th of July? If you haven’t already gotten into the swing of the season yet, now is the time. Even home health care New Hampshire clients can enjoy activities despite limited mobility or other conditions. Illness or disability may slow you down, but it doesn’t have to mean you can’t enjoy yourself. Here are some activities you or your loved one can take pleasure in, hopefully together:

  • Swimming. A summer must, spending time in the water can be good aerobic exercise with little exertion on the joints. Try a class at a local center, or just take a dip in yours or a family member’s pool.
  • Host a get together. It does not need to be a big party. Simply asking some friends or family over for lemonade, lunch, or dessert can boost a person’s mood. Perhaps you can make it a picnic in the back yard or at the park down the street. There is no need to start the stove in this heat either. Order in or pick up something ready made from the market.
  • Relax outdoors. As long as you don’t spend too much time in the sun, getting some fresh air can be a good thing. Park yourself under a tree with a book or glide in a rocking chair while enjoying the flowers in bloom.
  • Plant a mini garden. Forget getting down on your hands and knees and planting and weeding a big area. Using pots will still give you flowers, veggies or herbs that are much easier to tend to.
  • Go fishing. Sitting on the edge of a pond with a fishing rod takes little physical toll on a person and can be quite relaxing. Fishing with a friend is even better.
  • Enjoy the fair. When summer arrives, so do the fairs. If you are looking to make a trip out of the house, why not one of the many NH fairs. Stratham fair (July 18-21, 2013) has 4H animal exhibits, music, magic, and rides. Family members of all ages can find some aspect they like. North Haverhill fair is open July 24-28, 2013. Enjoy listening to the North Haverhill Idol contest or browsing the car show. The Prescott Park Arts Festival in Portsmouth, Annual Poetry Festival at the Robert Frost Place in Franconia, and New Hampshire Music Festival in Plymouth will also soon be in full swing.

Are you going on vacation for few days this summer and concerned about leaving your loved one alone? Contact MAS Home Care. Our trusted caregivers can check in, offer companionship, and lend a helping hand with daily tasks. You can be rest assured that the senior in your life will be enjoying the company of our compassionate employees while you are away. New Hampshire residents can call 603-296-0960 or contact us online for more information.

MAS Home Care provides in-home care and community support for clients in New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island and Massachusetts! 

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