Home Care in Massachusetts: Take a Break With MA Respite Care

home care in massachusettsAre you providing home care in Massachusetts for a loved one? Taking care of a family member who cannot fully care for themselves is a job that we gladly take on knowing that they have been a great source of support for us in the past. We want to show our love and be there for them, yet it can take a toll on us physically and emotionally. As personal time dwindles and more attention is needed from the aging and ailing person, we start to neglect our own health and find the hobbies we once enjoyed being pushed to the wayside.

Every caregiver needs some personal time. Without it they can become burnt out. A temporary break can be put to use differently for each person. Maybe you would just really like a few hours to go run some errands you haven’t had time for. Checking them off your list would relieve a lot of the stress you have been feeling lately. For someone else it could be going to the gym to get back into the fitness routine they have been letting slide since they need the time to do higher priority things.

How about a whole week off to take a vacation and re-energize yourself? Such a long break may seem like a dream, but it doesn’t have to be! MAS provides home care in Massachusetts with options for families like yours, such as respite care. Respite care can afford you the opportunity to take a break now and then. Take as little or as much time as you need, while feeling secure knowing your loved one is in good hands. When you go through a reputable Massachusetts home care agency, like MAS Home Care, your loved one is cared for in all the ways that you provide, from personal care like bathing to companionship and transportation to doctors appointments.

Planning Respite Care
Respite care should be planned for with your loved one in mind. Make them aware of your plans so they are not surprised when the caregiver suddenly shows up one day to care for them. Let your loved one know how long you will be away, even if it is just an hour or two. If they are feeling apprehensive about the change, reassure them that they will be making a new acquaintance, which is good for their socialization, and that you will benefit from being able to relax and have some time to yourself – something that everyone needs. If you are going on vacation, we will arrange for the caregiver to come into the home to spend time with the client in advance so everyone can be comfortable.

Some people need respite care for a loved one who only needs minor assistance. Others care for dementia or Alzheimer’s disease victims who should not be left alone. Having more complex needs may limit your respite care options. You can overcome this by looking for a home care agency that specializes in Alzheimer’s care. MAS Home Care of Massachusetts is one of them!

In addition to the type of skills the person providing the respite care will need, you will also need to consider the frequency you would like to take advantage of it. Respite care does not need to be something you use once a year. You could arrange to have someone come by once or a few times per week so that you do not become overwhelmed and will have some personal time to regularly look forward to.

Respite care is not just of benefit to you. Your loved one will also be able to enjoy benefits, like creating a new relationship. The caregiver may introduce them to a new hobby, book, etc., which can make them more receptive to the idea of someone taking over for you once in a while. Best of all, they get to remain in the comfort of their home without having their regular routine disrupted.

MA Respite Care Through the Best
MAS Home Care understands the enormous responsibility that being a caregiver comes with which is why we provide respite care. We will place qualified caregiving providers with you based on your needs and preferences. You do not need to worry about the logistics of hiring an independent caregiver, since we handle everything from payroll to finding a substitute if your regular caregiver cannot make it. Call MAS Home Care of Massachusetts in Worcester today at 508-459-2424 to schedule an in-home assessment so you can get a much deserved break.

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