Stroke Warning Signs – Become Familiar with FAST

new hampshire home careSometimes the need for a caregiver happens due to a sudden occurrence, rather than a gradual loss of senses. Even the most active and independent senior can suffer from a stroke unexpectedly. A stroke can leave someone in need of extra support while they recover.

Knowing FAST can put you and your loved one at an advantage when it comes to getting much needed medical attention for a stroke. The FAST acronym stands for Face, Arms, Speech, and Time. These are signs that can help you identify the possibility of a stroke right away:

Face – A drooping face when the person tries to smile.

Arms – An inability to keep both arms raised.

Speech – Slurred or irregular speech.

Time – This is a reminder that time is of the essence. Call 911 immediately.

Other signs of a stroke include numbness in the face, arms, or legs on one side of the body. The person may appear confused or have trouble communicating. Difficulty seeing and walking, dizziness, loss of coordination and severe headaches (for an unexplained reason) are also red flags. Even if the symptoms do go away, you should still call 911. It is always better to be safe than sorry. It may have been a mini-stroke, which can lead to a high risk stroke if it goes untreated.

By obtaining services for home care in New Hampshire, from a company like MAS Home Care, you may be able to lessen the risk of a stroke. A little extra assistance can help lower blood pressure. It is also comforting to know there is someone checking in on Mom or Dad to make sure they are OK. In the event they have suffered from a stroke, someone can be there to help them during the day when you are not available. Family members can still be an important positive force though by providing encouragement and noticing improvements.

Learn FAST and improve your loved one’s chances of stroke survival.

MAS Home Care provides in-home care services to residents in Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

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