Protect Mom and Dad’s Home This Winter

home care MAHave you noticed frost on the ground in the morning when you wake up? With the days and nights getting colder, winter is not as far off as you might think. While you are preparing your home for the next season, don’t forget your loved ones. Friends and family members who are elderly or disabled may not be able to make the same preparations. Certain neglected factors could lead to dangerous or stressful situations for them. Home care MA clients will especially need some assistance in getting ready as they will be depending on the comfort of their home throughout the winter. Here are some tips on protecting you and your loved one’s homes this winter:

•    Clear the gutters of leaves and debris so that ice does not build up. Large icicles can be dangerous if they fall on someone or shatter in walkways to be slipped on.

•    Trim overhanging tree branches. Ice and snow are heavy on weak tree branches, which can snap and cause damage to the home or block a path.

•    Keep water pipes from bursting. Maintain a temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit or above (for their comfort too).

•    Clear debris from heating vents and exhaust pipes to maximize the efficiency of the heating system.

•    Make sure the attic is ventilated and insulated. The attic must remain cool so that ice dams do not form when heat escapes through the room. Insulation will keep warm air from entering the attic from the living spaces below.

•    Fix gaps around the windows. Doing so will keep the homeowner warm and their heating bills in check. Some solutions are weather-stripping, caulk in the cracks, and heavy curtains.

Winter home protection is something that can easily be overlooked, but is very important. Stay in contact with your loved one’s caregiver throughout the season to see if they notice anything that needs attention.

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