Choose Reputable Caregivers

home health care new hampshireJust as you would not send your child to a day-care you know nothing about, or put the care of your family in the hands of a physician with a bad reputation, so should you not go into home care blindly. Quality home health care New Hampshire is not something you will recognize by looking at the yellow pages. Most people don’t realize how difficult it can be to find a skilled home health care worker, especially when they are put on the spot after an unexpected illness or injury.

After leaving the hospital, many patients find out that their insurance only covers a very narrow scope of rehabilitation services. Visiting nurses or therapists may come to perform their specific job, but they cannot fulfill the patient’s full range of needs. Those living alone often need attention to their personal care as well, such as bathing, dressing, preparing meals, etc. These services will come in the form of home care. Agencies, like MAS, are able to provide a longer list of services that are medically related and aid in day to day living. Some of the services provided by MAS Home Care of New Hampshire are companionship, medication management, hygiene assistance, light housekeeping, appointment escorts, family respite care, Alzheimer and Dementia care, hospice support, and recuperative care.

When exploring home care service options, it is important to balance the need for affordability with a company that has well trained, caring staff members. A certain price tag will not ensure a particular level of service, nor should you try to bargain shop. Further research must be done into credentials and qualifications. Safety is key when hiring a caregiver. Not only do you want someone who can provide good care, but stealing or manipulation of older patients is common in situations where family members are not keeping a close eye on things. Never let anyone into the home that you do not think is trustworthy. MAS works diligently to ensure all of its caregivers are reputable with excellent training and certification. A thorough background check should have been performed on any home care worker entering your house.

Make searches for the best home health care New Hampshire has to offer part of your long-term planning. Start with MAS Home Care. Call our Manchester office at 603-296-0960 for more information.

MAS Home Care provides in-home care services in Maine, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

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