Be Prepared: Research Home Care Before a Crisis Happens

new hampshire home health careIt’s easy to say that you are going to plan ahead and consider your long term care options. It’s another thing to actually do it before the need arises. Unfortunately, for many individuals and families, a crisis arises before any planning gets done. Then they are left to scramble and put together the pieces. Waiting until something happens means that decisions are made on emotion and out of need for that very moment, rather than based on research, thought, and the best option in the long-run. Ultimately the choices come down to a nursing home, hiring a New Hampshire home health care agency, or becoming the sole caregiver.

Anyone with an aging parent or a chronically ill spouse knows that there are many ups and downs. One day your loved one is doing very well, the next their health has diminished, and a week later it could be on the rise again. When it’s good it is difficult to make the decision and say that a transition to a nursing home facility needs to happen. And when it is bad, you may worry that placing that person in such an environment could be even more detrimental to their health. No one will provide the same love and care that you do, but sometimes it can be too much for one person to handle.

Luckily, nursing homes and sticking it out on your own are not the only options. New Hampshire home health care agencies like MAS Home Care provide service in the home of the client. Home care is a powerful source of effective health care, companionship, respite care, and other needs. Clients who take advantage of home health care have been shown to be happier, more independent, and have increased longevity than they would under other circumstances.

New Hampshire home health care agencies provide valuable services that family members and independent hired caregivers cannot. In addition to assisting with personal care, like dressing and bathing, helping with chores and errands, and providing a friendly face to talk to, MAS’s qualified caregivers in NH can also provide nursing services. Hire someone who has gone through the proper channels to become certified and has met background check and training requirements. This will help to ensure the safety of your loved one is being met with the highest standards.

MAS Home Care will provide a free in-home assessment to individuals interested in learning more. Fill out our “Find Home Care” form or give us a call today.

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