Hospital Discharge Care

hospital discharge careWhen hospitalization is needed, whether for illness, injury or surgery, a lot of focus is put on the care the patient is receiving in the hospital. You want to make sure the doctors and nurses have your loved one’s best interest in mind while being considerate of his or her wishes. However, the necessary planning is not always put into what will happen after discharge.

If the patient is returning home, versus moving into a rehab facility or nursing home, it means a lot of added responsibility for family members. All of the hospital discharge care may be placed on you, so it is important to know all the details and procedures that need to be followed before leaving the hospital. Be sure to ask doctors and nurses any questions you may have, even if that means having them repeat directions.

Once at home, personal care, household care, healthcare, and emotional care are all needs that need to be met. Bathing, using the bathroom and eating may be areas that your loved one needs help with post hospital stay. They will also need someone to prepare meals, do the household chores, and run errands for them. Depending on the reason for the hospitalization, they may also need someone to manage their medication, drive them to physician or physical therapy appointments, or treat wounds, among other health needs. Additionally it is important not to forget emotional needs. Having good companionship plays a significant role in the healing process.

Assuming you can spend every waking hour waiting on the patient is not realistic, no matter how much you want to. Work, taking care of your kids, and other responsibilities are a part of daily life. Hiring in-home help is a great way to be able to care for your loved one, while knowing someone else is there in the moments you are not. If at all possible, the best scenario is to make a decision about who to hire before entering or leaving the hospital, but that is not always possible. No matter when you make that decision, consider MAS Home Care.  We can meet all of your hospital discharge care needs while making our clients feel comfortable in their home.

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