5 Ways to Improve Mobility

home care maineThe ability to age in place is a privilege that many seniors hope will continue as they advance in years. It is well known that remaining at home is the preferred choice of the vast majority of seniors, allowing them to maintain their independence and a high quality of life. For any relatively healthy senior, staying in the house where they have built their life and memories is not unreasonable. If necessary a few modifications can be made to ensure safety and functionality. When more serious physical or mental health conditions prevent a person from caring for his or herself completely, MAS, the agency for home care in Maine is able to meet an abundance of needs to help them remain at home.

Problems with mobility are not a defining factor that a loved one must enter a nursing facility, especially when caregivers are equipped with the right information and tools. It does however signify that some changes in lifestyle should be made. The ability to live alone may come to an end, but it is easier than ever to remain together as a family with home care in Maine. You might also take advantage of this time living together to help the person whose mobility has declined to maintain the function they have left, and possibly improve. This will help them to prevent injury.

5 Ways to Improve Mobility:

  1. Keep exercising regularly to keep strength and balance in check.
  2. Maintaining a healthy weight through physical activity and a healthy diet will help to slow the decline of physical function. Individuals who are overweight often have less stamina and more health conditions that prevent them for staying mobile.
  3. Stopping smoking, even as a senior, can significantly improve health and lung function. Once smoking is stopped the person will begin to breathe easier and be able to accomplish more strenuous activities.
  4. Vision is an important part of mobility. Being able to see properly can help prevent falls and other dangers.
  5. Inquire whether physical or occupational therapy may be able to help improve mobility. Physical therapists can help strengthen movement through exercise, while occupational therapists can re-teach skills and develop modifications to make daily tasks easier.

Following these nuggets of advice will help to maintain mobility. If a loved one requires assistance with daily living or health care, MAS Home Care of Maine caregivers can provide the service necessary to help you even further. Call 508-459-2424 today.

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