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Available in the state of Maine.
MAS Home Care of Maine’s Children’s Services is a trauma-informed and co-occurring agency.

Maine Children's ServicesIt is the mission of MAS Home Care that all children and families in the state of Maine will have access to and receive the highest quality behavioral and rehabilitative community services in the least restrictive environment. A professional team will provide these services with the highest level of dignity and respect, supporting children and their families so they may flourish in their desired hopes and dreams for the future.

Section 65 HCT (Home and Community Treatment Therapy)
This program is available to children who have a mental health diagnosis and are at risk of out of home placement due to serious negative behaviors.  This is an intensive, in-home treatment program generally involving 10 -20 hours of service a week designed to achieve the family’s goals in 3 to 6 months.   A  Master’s level Clinician provides strategies to help parents and children manage the behavior, and a Behavioral Health Professional provides individual support to the child.  Many families are referred by their Case Managers, but families can also call MAS directly and speak to our intake counselor. HCT is a self-referral service. Families, Case Managers, Doctors, etc. may contact MAS Home Care of Maine.

Children's ServicesSection 13 Targeted Case Management Services
As a Case Management Agency, we provide several services. We begin with an intake and assessment for eligibility, and then focus on creating an Individual Service Plan (ISP) detailing the strengths and needs of the child, and the services necessary to address those needs. The Case Manager will identify the medical, social, educational and other needs (including housing and transportation) of the eligible member, identify the services necessary to meet those needs, and facilitate access to those services. Case management is a self-referral service. Families, Social Workers, Doctors, etc. may contact MAS Home Care of Maine.

Targeting Case Management Services are only available in our Westbrook location. It will be available in Bangor in January 2012.

Section 28 Rehabilitative & Community Support Services
This program is available to children who have impaired cognitive, behavioral or social functioning due to a diagnosis of developmental disability or Autism. A Behavioral Health Professional will work with the child in the home and community to improve daily living skills, socialization, communication, and behavior management skills. Families who have Mainecare can access this program through their case managers or directly through DHHS.

Please contact our office for more information on how to receive this service, or talk with your local DHHS/CBHS office.

Maine Children's ServicesChild and Family Outpatient Counseling
Our newest service is easily accessible to members of the general public who self-identify a need for their child or family to receive counseling for difficulties they may be having in their everyday lives. No referral is necessary. Just call our office and speak to an intake counselor who will help you obtain authorization from your insurance company. We accept Mainecare for children. Our Outpatient Clinician will then call you to set up an appointment. Appointments are usually 1 hour per week in the office, but can be every other week if you prefer.

Sessions can be for an individual child, sibling or family groups. 

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