Nursing Care Plan for Dementia Patients

nursing care plan for dementia patientsWhat is a nursing care plan? A nursing care plan is an outline of the care that will be provided to an individual. After an assessment is performed, diagnoses are matched up with actions that a health care professional will follow to help alleviate or support the patient’s health risks.  The purpose is to guide nurses in the care they provide and to aid in evaluating the effectiveness of that care. Care plans are not solely for the use of nurses. They are meant to lead all who are involved with a patient’s care.

Characteristics of a nursing care plan:

  • Its focus is holistic and is based on the judgment of the nurse, which is formed from assessment data.
  • The plan is in response to identifiable nursing diagnoses.
  • It is specific to the patient and contains realistic nursing outcomes.
  • Care plans follow a systematic process.
  • It focuses on goals for the future.

Dementia care recipients should have a nursing care plan. The loss of brain functions such as memory and language require special attention as the patient may not be able to perform daily activities as they once did. If you are the caregiver of a person who has dementia, you may be a part of the team that creates the nursing plan. The following is a brief outline of the initial process:

  1. An accurate history will be collected about the dementia patient. It will include current medications, strengths and weaknesses, interests, jobs, and family history.
  2. The patient will be observed and notes will be taken about how he or she reacts to the environment.
  3. The team leaders will meet. The team will consist of people who are responsible for all aspects of the patients care. This includes nursing, social work, therapy, activities, family members and possibly the patient as well.
  4. A care plan will be written. It will include specific goals and ways to reach the goals.
  5. The plan should be shared with all who are responsible for that patient’s care.
  6. The plan should be updated periodically and as the person’s conditions change.

Make sure there is a nursing care plan for dementia patients in place for your loved one. Having such a plan can lead to better outcomes and helps to make sure everyone is on the same page. It is a good reference for all people involved in caring for the patient. MAS Home Care can help – contact us today.

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