7 Great Gift Ideas for Caregivers

new england home careWe are officially in the holiday season! Many of us have started our shopping already. Inevitably there will be someone on your list who is more difficult to shop for than others. Sometimes it is because they are a truly special individual and it is hard to think of just the right gift that you know they could really use or appreciate. If this person you are thinking of is a caregiver, then perhaps we can help with some ideas!

When giving a gift to a person caring for an elderly, ill, or disabled family member, purchasing items like fancy jewelry may not be the best route to take unless you know that is something they like. On a daily basis they are most likely wearing casual clothing around the house as they go about their chores and care responsibilities. Try to think of more practical yet equally thoughtful gifts. One of the best gifts you could offer is your time.

Not all caregivers receive respite care, or not nearly as much as they need. By going over and spending some time with the person they care for they will be able to grab some time for themselves. It is important for people to be able to de-stress and take care of their overall health, which can be pushed aside when there is someone else to think about. Although just some time to do as they please will be greatly appreciated,  sending them to get a massage, manicure, or dinner and a movie can make the time away extra special. If the dependent requires more care than you are comfortable giving, offer to cook a meal or help with other tasks around the house or errands. That can also help free up a caregiver’s time and lift some weight off their shoulders.

Another option is arranging for a professional to come in to give respite care. Everyone will feel great knowing they are leaving their loved ones in experienced hands. For those looking for New England home care services, MAS Home Care can assist. This is a great option for individuals who live too far away to offer their own time. You could also give this option early to allow them to have time to prepare for upcoming celebrations.

Finally, here are a few extra gift ideas:

  • Gift certificates for personal use (salon, dinner, movies)
  • Gift certificate for support services (housekeeping, landscaping, car maintenance)
  • A gift basket (gourmet foods, personal care items… things they wouldn’t ordinarily buy for themselves)
  • Books
  • A DVR, TiVo or Netflix subscription so they can catch up on the shows and movies they enjoy but might miss while performing care duties
  • A journal, music, bath oils or other items that aid in de-stressing
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