The Unhappy Holiday: Holiday Season Can Bring Depression for Seniors

rhode island home careLooking around at the homes decorated in Christmas lights, listening to holiday music taking over radios, and seeing children’s smiling faces as they sit on Santa’s lap, one might never believe that anyone could be anything less than cheerful this season. Sadly, there are many seniors who feel lonely and isolated, which is amplified during the holidays. A call from a loved one and friendly face from Rhode Island home care agencies could mean much more than any tangible gift.

There are many reasons that depression creeps up at a time when it seems like the whole world is celebrating:

  • Feeling of loneliness after the loss of a spouse
  • Sadness about friends who have passed away
  • An illness that prevents enjoyment of festivities
  • Separation from family who may live far away

The most cherished gift that can be given to seniors is time, but for many families it may not be feasible to be together over the coming weeks. Distance, health, and financial or work obligations prevent loved ones from seeing each other in person. An alternative is communication through telephone chats or online tools like Skype.

While simple frequent reminders about how much they are loved and not forgotten can warm the heart, it may not be enough. Days are long and filled with reminders about the family and friends that are not there. One solution is to utilize Rhode Island home care.

Home care aides can provide companionship for seniors who feel isolated and may just need a friend to talk to or to play a game of cards with. This solution can fill the void that causes depression, or help to notify family members if depression has already set in. Furthermore, home care can help with other concerns, such as personal care (bathing, dressing, and medication reminders), chores around the house or running errands, help with mobility, and transportation. How many visits and how long home care services last are customizable.

Contact MAS Home Care of Rhode Island to give your loved one some much needed companionship this holiday.

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