New Year’s Resolution: Get Organized

long term care planAnother popular New Year’s resolution is to be more organized. Being organized can make life less stressful, save time and money, and even benefit your health.

Getting organized is a rather generic term. You could be talking about cleaning out your closets or you may want to get your affairs in order. Home care clients could benefit from both…though couldn’t we all?

Let’s start with getting our home organized. Clearing out clutter and having belongings in order can be important for many reasons. Think of all the time you could save if you weren’t always looking for receipts in a variety of places you may have stashed them. Or the money that could be saved by not buying extra groceries you didn’t need because you didn’t see the three cans of green beans you already had in the back of the cupboard. Along with aging can come some memory loss and having a place for everything can make it easier to remember where you put those keys. Reducing clutter can also help with safety. Having open spaces free of objects and chords lessens the risk of falling and keeping frequently used items on lower shelves means you won’t need to unsafely balance on a chair or stool.

Grab one of your kids and ask them to help you clean out the hall closet. Pass on mementos and donate the rest. Another option is to call MAS Home Care to help you with some light organization and housekeeping, which can be a great service for individuals who are just not able to keep up with their home.

Aside from a tidy house, it is also important to have your affairs in order. This means a range of things, such as finances, your will and a long term care plan. If you are a caregiver of a family member with dementia, check to see that their dementia care plan is up to date. If he or she does not have one yet, work with nurses and doctors to get one in place. No one wants to think about their passing or the need to rely on others, but having plans for the future can ensure your wishes are followed through with. It will also help your loved ones alleviate unneeded stress.

Don’t put off getting organized for one more minute. It could be more important than you think.

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