Giving Back During The Holiday Season

home care maHome care MA clients wondering how they can help others during the holidays may have more options than they think. Even home bound individuals who rely on loved ones, personal aides, and healthcare professionals can spread some cheer now and throughout the year.

Benefits of Helping Others
Doing a good deed benefits more people than just the recipient of the act of kindness. Studies show people who are impacted by a heartwarming gesture tend to pay it forward three or four fold. Not to mention as the person doing the helping you gain benefits too. With as little as two hours a week, you can experience the following:

  • Increased happiness
  • A surge in feel-good brain chemicals
  • Increased feeling of having purpose and being needed
  • A feeling of connection to others
  • Giving battles depression and stress
  • Lower risk of heart disease and dementia

Ways to Help
Everyone, including people with limited mobility, can give back in some way. Organizations often need help with computer work, writing letters, or making calls to sponsors and donors; all of which can be done from home. If something more creative or less of a long-term time commitment is what you are interested in, you might consider one of these suggestions:

Help Keep Others Warm
Are you known by your family and friends for your knitting, crocheting, or sewing? If so, there are plenty of adults and children who could use a warm pair of gloves, scarf, or hat this winter. Maybe you have a group of friends who have a similar hobby. You could start a collection for a local shelter with their help!

Donate Time to Other Seniors
For those that are able to get out, visiting a nursing home or a lonely neighbor is a great way to share your sunny demeanor. One of the greatest ways to help someone is simply by being a friend. Read a book to someone with vision problems, play a board game, or lend an ear to someone who just wants to talk.

Cook a Meal for a Family in Need
A homemade meal is a wonderful treat and a nice gift from someone who really needs one. If cooking is your talent, a family who is suffering financially might appreciate a full meal with all the fixings and holiday treats that might be considered a luxury. Other people that you could give a meal to are parents of newborn babies or someone who is ill or disabled and cannot cook.

Call an Old Friend to Brighten His or Her Day
Over time we accumulate good friends, but don’t always stay in touch. Often work, family, health, or other factors keep us from talking to them as much as we would like. Picking up the phone to call others that are important to you takes little time and effort but can mean a lot to someone, especially one you know is going through a difficult time. You might even find time to schedule an afternoon to reunite.

And of course, donating to a cause that is important to you is also a wonderful option. Help others and yourself by showing some love towards members of your community and everyone will enjoy some feel-good emotions this season.

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