Dealing with Resistance to Care

home health care nhYou may be searching for home health care NH, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your loved one will be receptive to the idea… at least right away. You may find that your aging and ailing parent, though in obvious need of help, is resistant to the care you are trying to provide.

The Cause

One of the biggest fears people have about accepting care is that they will lose their independence and/or dignity. There is also worry that this signifies that their physical well being or mental capacity is diminishing, which they may feel they can avoid if they ignore it. In order to maintain their privacy and pride they shoot down help, insisting they don’t need it. Another reason for reluctance could be the guilt they feel about becoming a “burden” on relatives and friends, or worried that they can’t afford care.

The Cure

If you have real concern about your loved one’s well being, then you need to start a conversation with them about his or her needs. There may be some backlash, but if you have open communication that involves listening to their feelings, then it will go much smoother.

The time to discuss the need for care is not when the person is busy or preoccupied. Instead of catching them off guard, sit down at a time when you are both relaxed so you will have time to listen carefully to each other. Remember: A discussion is not one sided. Be sure to ask them questions about what the person wants or needs. Does he or she have a preference about the kind of service they would like? Chances are they will tell you they want to remain at home, which is why there are so many home care NH clients who are satisfied with the assistance they receive. It may not be possible to accommodate all of their wishes, but if you take them into consideration it will be easier for them to accept what their future holds.

If possible, ask other family members or close friends to back you up. They may be able to help convince your loved one that they need extra help if they see that many people they love are worried about them. A doctor, lawyer, or other professional they trust may also be able to help sway them in the right direction.

If your loved one is still resistant, take a break and bring it up at a later time when they may be more cooperative. It is not worth getting into a fight, which can actually work to build up more resistance.

Home care is one of the most favorable ways for a person to receive care while remaining in their home and avoiding stressful life changes. Instead of stripping independence, caregivers and medical professionals help the person to protect their independence. Call MAS home care to schedule a free in-home consultation, during which the person can ask questions and hopefully put their fears to rest. MAS Home Care NH is reachable at 603-296-0960 or

MAS Home Care provides in-home care services to the elderly and chronically ill throughout New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

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