6 Winter Fall Prevention Tips

Our clients receiving home care in Portland Maine know a thing or two about icy, slippery conditions. As the temperature drops here in New England the chances increase of falling from that patch of ice found on your doorstep. Seniors are at a high risk for fall related injuries and snow and ice are a big contributing factor this time of year. Rather than becoming one of the hundreds of thousands Americans over age 65 who are hospitalized due to fall related injuries every year, follow these simple steps to decrease your chances this winter.

  1. Do not go out in harsh weather conditions. We don’t want you to be cooped up all winter, but we do want you to be safe. If there is a blizzard occurring, reconsider the importance of you going out in those nasty conditions.
  2. Wear the right footwear. Make sure your shoes or boots are comfortable and have good traction. Shoes with smooth soles will increase your risk of slipping. There are also options out there to purchase special grips for walking on snow and ice that will attach to the bottom of your current shoes.
  3. Ask a family member or neighbor help keep your walkway and doorstep clear of snow. Keep salt and a shovel by the door in case you need to get out and someone is not around to help. By keeping those things in the house you will not have to walk through snow to get them from the shed.
  4. Check regularly that your railings are secure too. These will give you something to grab on to should you start to slip, and you want to be sure they will do their job.
  5. Don’t be too prideful to ask for help. If a parking lot is icy ask a shopping companion, store employee, or even another customer to help you to your car. They would all rather see you safe.
  6. Exercise to stay strong. Yet another excuse to stay physically fit. The stronger your leg muscles are the less likely they are to waver on a slippery sidewalk.

Remember, take it slow and ask for help when you need it. It is better to be safe than sorry!

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