4 Ways to Help Your Loved One Maintain Independence

home health care maineThe Maine home care seniors and other individuals with chronic illnesses or disabilities receive may appear to indicate they have lost their independence. This is far from true! By hiring a Maine home care agency, individuals are better able to maintain the independence they have become accustomed to. Without assistance, many could be left struggling on their own or in a nursing home where their lifestyle is restricted to the routines of the facility. The following tips can help your loved one feel even more in control of their life:

  1. Assess the home. Think about ways to make their living space safer. Hand rails or additional lighting may be installed or furniture and rugs that pose as a tripping hazard may need to be moved. Also think about safety devices, such as medical alert systems. If the home is too large, think about a smaller apartment or moving him or her in with you or another family member.
  2. Build a plan together. Don’t just tell mom or dad what is going to happen, involve them in the process. Ask questions about the type of care they would like to receive, what they like or do not like about their living situation, and how they feel you or a home health aide can best help them. Nothing screams loss of independence like other people making decisions for you. Discuss finances, health care, and day to day living.
  3. Re-asses and revise. Just because you made modifications to the home and built a plan does not mean it will work for the rest of your loved one’s life. Circumstances and health needs change. Every few months take a look at what is working and what isn’t. It might be time to request additional home care services to avoid the need for preventable hospitalization or a move to a nursing home.
  4. Don’t forget that life should still be fun. Constantly checking in on health and wellness is a great way to show you care, but one of the best parts of maintaining as much independence as possible is the enjoyment for life that is felt. Spend time together pursuing hobbies and activities you can both enjoy.

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