4 Top Health Care Mistakes

home health care new hampshireEveryone makes mistakes, but when they affect your health it can have some serious consequences. We want all of our home health care New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts clients to stay healthy so they can enjoy life and maintain as much independence as possible. With the population of older adults growing, it is expected that we will see more occurrences of these common mistakes that the elderly make concerning their care. Review the list and consider if you or a loved one is guilty of them, then make an attempt to correct the situation:

  1. Avoiding certain assistive devices to keep up appearances. With age comes the decline of certain functions of the body, including eyesight, mobility, and hearing. Some seniors refuse to admit they need glasses, hearing aids, and walking aids, when they could be living a much happier and easier life if they did. Tip: Find a stylish pair of eye wear that looks nice on you and ask your doctor if there is a hearing aid that is difficult to see that may be appropriate for your condition.
  2. Driving longer than you should be. It’s a cliché for people to complain about elderly drivers, but there is some truth in the fact that not all seniors should be behind the wheel. Age is not a determining factor about when you should stop driving. Physical and mental health is. Tip: Discuss with your physician whether or not it is still safe to be on the road.
  3. Not knowing when to slow down on certain physical activities. You should definitely continue to exercise and be active, but not all activities are suitable for the aging body. The increased chance of injury and falls will require modifications to your typical routine. Tip: Wear supportive footwear to help keep your balance. Avoid exercising in areas where there is potential for tripping on chords, cracks in the sidewalk, hills, etc.
  4. Failing to have a medicine management plan in place. Missing medication doses or overdosing can be dangerous. Generally, pre-filling a pill box with the days of the week labeled can help solve this problem, but you must remember to re-fill it once it is empty to avoid confusion the next week. Tip: If organizing your medicine is still a problem, MAS Home Care can help with services like medication reminders and medication management.

Did you notice any mistakes that you frequently make? Some are easily corrected; others may require some input from a physician or caregiver.  If you feel you are in need of certain services or assistance in order to maintain the lifestyle you are used to, contact MAS Home Care today!

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