3 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

home health care rhode islandMother’s Day is this weekend and many of us are still trying to figure out that perfect gift to show Mom how important she is to us. It gets a little harder each year as she accumulates everything she could want or need. Flowers and chocolates are a good choice since they won’t add to the clutter for very long, but somehow they just don’t seem personal enough.

For those who are caregivers, the task of choosing a meaningful gift may be even harder since they have probably already provided anything they thought their loved one might need or like. Some items are no longer appropriate if she is no longer living in her own home and others she may have trouble using depending on her health. The trick is to find something useful that also has an element of that “personal touch.”

A new pair of shoes is a great option. First of all, nearly all women love shoes. It’s in our genetic code. Not only is the choice of gift stylish, but it can also be a safety benefit. If Mom seems more unsteady on her feet these days, a new pair of low-heeled, rubber soled shoes can help to keep her standing upright. Natural materials that fit well are another important characteristic of good shoes because they allow for circulation. If you want to give a little more, make it a whole outfit. Mom will feel confident in her appearance and balance.

Entertain her. Older parents who live in nursing homes or are home bound the majority of the time will enjoy fun activities that can fill their down-time. Some options are puzzles, word search/crossword puzzles, crafting supplies, and books. E-readers are becoming more popular with their easy visibility and books on CD can be just as pleasurable if eyesight is a problem. Combine entertainment with the gift of your time by creating a movie night together complete with dinner.

Show her you care with the gift home health care Rhode Island seniors can really use. Though being able to care for Mom all the time would be wonderful, we can’t always be there when we have other responsibilities in life. Hiring a compassionate and experienced caregiver will ensure she is safe, happy, and healthy. Maybe she just needs some help around the house with light housekeeping. In other cases she may need more extensive care if she is having trouble caring for herself. MAS is a terrific choice for home health care RI trusts.

No matter what you give Mom this Mother’s Day, she will love it because it came from you!

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