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home care New HampshireIn New Hampshire, we are increasingly turning our attention to the kind of care that we want for ourselves, our elderly parents, or other family members who might be chronically ill or physically disabled. Estimates are that by the year 2050, over twenty-seven million Americans will need long-term care, and for families in New Hampshire, home care will be the option most will select. We know that choosing the right care is sometimes a difficult and emotional decision. With some research and understanding into the availability of exceptional care options, the stress can be replaced by peace of mind.

Often, people who need assistance caring for their relatives or themselves are shy about seeking out the help. You need not be. In 2007, estimates were that over one million Americans over the age of 65 received health care services in their home each day; eighty-percent of whom had a primary caregiver in addition to the agency caregiver. And with an aging population, those numbers will continue to rise. Yet, of those one million elderly Americans currently receiving home care, most are doing so in order to receive skilled nursing services. Additional primary uses for home healthcare services include physical or occupational therapy and the need for some assistance with daily living activities. Other families require caregiving for supportive care conditions like wound dressing, or for housekeeping services or dietary counseling.

Over fifty million Americans over the age of eighteen are informal caregivers. Cost is clearly a concern for New Hampshire home care choices, but home caregivers are the preference for most families and not just because of cost effectiveness. The Home Care Association of New Hampshire notes that families chose home healthcare because it is responsive to your specific needs and allows for flexible scheduling: caregivers can assist one day per week or for one activity per day, it is your choice. Home healthcare also provides specialist care: In addition to a full compliment of nursing services, they can also provide your family member who is diabetic or has cardiac problems with nursing services. And, home caregivers not only can stay for the long term, they will coordinate with other caregivers to ensure all are working with the same information and toward the same goals.

The true value of home care particularly for the elderly, is allowing them to stay in their own home and maintain some level of independent living and privacy.  With exceptional New Hampshire home care from MAS Home Care, you and your family members can confidently make the decision to find help and enjoy the benefits and peace of mind that come with experienced, professional home healthcare services.

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