Home Care in Maine

For those of you looking for home care in Maine, for yourself or for your loved one, MAS Home Care can provide the necessary assistance needed to receive quality care without having to move into an assisted living facility. Home care is preferred because it has been proven to be a physical and mental comfort to chronically ill patients, the elderly, and individuals recovering from injury or illness.

There are many benefits to receiving home care in Maine. You or your loved one will not have to miss out on enjoying the greatest possible independence. Home care specialists can reduce the stresses that come along with caring for the elderly and disabled. Rather than worrying about hospital or nursing home visitations, families can see their loved ones as they always have, in their own homes. This also prevents you from feeling like a burden to your family and friends if you require assistance on a regular basis.

The staff from MAS Home Care will work with you and your family to provide the specific care needed. Each MAS caregiver is selected for their qualifications and for their personality. Testimonials praising everything from their punctuality to their attentiveness show that home care in Maine should begin with MAS Home Care. By valuing communication and support, the nurses and caregivers have grown loyal to their clients.

MAS Home Care also provides services for children in Maine. Whether your child suffers from a diagnosed mental illness or requires behavioral therapy, they can receive the counseling and attention they need in your own home. This agency also offers outpatient child services to residents of Maine for day to day difficulties your child may experience.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention (CDC), in 2007 there were an estimated 1.5 million patients in the U.S. who had received home care services. This number is growing as families are becoming less likely to see their loved ones unnecessarily confined to a nursing home or assisted living facility. Whether you need help bathing and dressing or need assistance with grocery shopping, home care specialists will ensure those needs are met.

If you are concerned with the costs of home care, there are many options that can be used. Home care can be paid for by certain Medicaid Insurances and there are also options to pay monthly or even weekly with credit cards or check. Workers Compensation and VA assistance programs can also be used to help cover costs.

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Our Maine offices are located in Westbrook, Lewiston, Bangor and Machias.

For the Westbrook and Lewiston areas, please call 207-591-4457
For the Bangor and Machias areas, please call 207-561-9533

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