6 Benefits of In-Home Care

If you are reading this blog, you are probably in the midst of researching home care services. Finding the right care for yourself or a family member is important to ensure a high quality of life. Everyone’s needs are different, and MAS Home Care can provide customized in-home care services based on each individuals requirements.

The following are 6 benefits of in-home care:

  1. Care is provided at home. Being able to stay at home gives patients a sense of reassurance, security, and comfort. This limits the anxiety that can be felt having to be transferred to an unfamiliar facility. Family members are able to stay together, which can be particularly critical in times of illness. Everyone can take an active role in working together with the caregiver to provide the best possible outcome.
  2. Patients are able to maintain their independence. It is important that seniors still feel in control of their lives. They want to have the same freedom and dignity that they had when they were younger. By living at home they are not as restricted as they would be in a nursing home. They are welcome to come and go as they please and set their own schedules based on what is best for them, rather than when it can be coordinated with other residents.
  3. Home care is personalized. No two individuals are the same and neither are their needs. Home care agencies can provide a variety of services ranging from someone to provide companionship during the day to Alzheimer’s and dementia care. Someone who has trouble with mobility may need someone to run errands or provide transportation to a doctor’s appointment. A terminally ill patient may require hospice support. Both of these people can benefit from home care.
  4. In-home care promotes healing. What better place is there to heal than at home? In addition to excellent medical care, a good portion of the success of healing has to do with attitude. When you are comfortable, secure, and surrounded by family and friends you feel better. Having one-on-one care also promotes a positive road to recovery.
  5. Home care is cost effective. Home care costs about one-tenth as much as hospital care and one-fourth the cost of being placed in a nursing home.
  6. The lives of people who have in-home care are extended. Patients living at home are known to be happier and have an overall more positive attitude. They are also at a lesser risk of contracting illness spread by others in a facility. Studies show in-home care improves quality of life and thus longevity.
Contact MAS Home Care today. We’ll help you explore your options and we promise to lead you down the right path!
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